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New Real Estate Agency On The Block


Aire Lettings



Are Lettings’s team of dedicated property managers knows the ins and outs of managing properties. They have built strong relationships with local tradesmen to offer a tailored service that the larger Letting agents in the area can’t give.


The client came to us with a pre made logo and asked to have the brand built around it with an end goal for an growing their up and coming real estate company. To develop the brand we built out the colour scheme to complement the pre-made logo. This informed the creation of the site as it was designed in Figma before being built using the WIX platform to allow the client to have full control of the content on the site once handed over.

View Aire Letting's Website here

Project outputs:

Brand Identity Design // Brochure Slide Deck // Style Guidelines  // Website Design // CMS Design

Aire Lettings copy.png
Website slides.jpg
Website slides2.jpg
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