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Parent company branding


Addaptive Group



CC Construction is a leading construction and refurbishment company working in London and Southern Counties. They partner with exceptional architects and interior designers and boast some of the country’s finest addresses

FireBelly was tasked with updating the company’s logo and developing smart and stylish proposal documents to help win high-value projects. Following this we provided logo & colour guidelines to keep the brand on track within their internal studio. However, the premium project was the design of a beautiful corporate brochure to showcase completed work and present the company divisions in play.

Branding & website outputs:

  • Brand Identities

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Websites & Development

  • Copywriting

CC Construction.png
CC Construction.png

Less Is More

This is a great example of “less is more”. Having invested in fantastic photography, the challenge was creating a premium booklet that showed rhythm and structure through every page. The typography, albeit minimal, was treated with the care of ornate Victorian coving. Text positioning and line-breaks were crafted with every letter and word considered. The grid layout was given the same designed approach as a contemporary kitchen, with open spaces, minimalism and distinctive clarity in every space.

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