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High End Alcohol Branding


Dropzone Brewery



While at Firebelly, we were tasked to help develop the Dropzone Brewery product range to grow the brand for veterans, by veterans.


Firebelly and Arobase were commissioned to create a brand identity for the new spirits range and carry the design system through to the bottle labels. Arobase developed the front of the label and Firebelly worked together to provide art direction leading to the inside of the bottle designs. The name Valkyrie originates in Norse mythology which inspired the viking myths  'Huginn' and 'Muninn' that are linked with Valkyrie warriors.


The illustrated Ravens feature on the label reverse and across posters that were used to promote the new spirits.

Campaign Rollout outputs:

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Identity System

  • Website Design & Development

  • Business Documentation

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