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YouLook TV Brand Identity


YouLook TV



YouLook is a digital video on demand service, free of charge to its users, and supported by advertising (known as an ‘AVOD’). It is the UK’s first independent AVOD service, aiming to appeal to a wide range of different audience groups and enthusiasts.


YouLook curates content into specially-themed groupings, where viewers can explore, and ‘look’ for something that’s just right.

FireBelly partnered with YouLook at the very beginning of the creative journey, helping create a vibrant, diverse and engaging brand platform that delivers fantastic content.

Outputs: Branding & Collateral

  • Brand Design & Identity

  • Brand Narrative and Values

  • Sizzle

  • Investor Slide Deck

  • UI / UX Direction

  • Animation and Idents

View the YouLook TV site here

Rediscover Television

FireBelly took YouLook on a strategic journey and fleshed out key brand pillars / values; Rediscovery. Chance. Empathy. Principled. From this the Big Brand Idea and company tagline "Rediscover Television" was developed to present the company proposition in one hit.

The brand identity and design system is inspired by the classic TV test pattern, with a spectrum of colour and stripes. The fun colour palette helps create programme categories and the stripes have been used to reveal and transition from imagery and branding. 

Home page Dark.jpg

The 'O' graphic from the YouLook logo is used to great effect, becoming a portal to new content and to present ways to create various Idents – as shown below

YouLook Investor Deck

FB482 YouLook_Teaser Deck 1_Page_4.jpg
FB482 YouLook_Teaser Deck 1_Page_3.jpg
FB482 YouLook_Teaser Deck 1_Page_2.jpg
YouLook-Colours-Case Studie Colour.jpg
You Look.jpg
YouLook-Colours-Case Studie Colour.jpg
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