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Hi there, I'm Connell.

Born in Liverpool, studied in Leeds, worked in London, moved back to Leeds

Senior digital designer with over half a decade in the industry in London and up North gaining experience in all things digital and print whilst focusing on growing brands across a breadth of sectors and mediums.

Over my creative career I’ve built a broad skillset from each opportunity that’s presented itself. This outlook has coincided with my goal to learn something new from every job or project I’m apart of.

Whether it’s a new software, team managing method, design outlooks or even a keyboard hotkey that completely changes how I work. No mater what size the project I’ve personally set out to make sure what is delivered is perfectly tailored to fit the client's needs and to keep them involved each step of the way.


Well versed in directing print, website and identity design projects from concept through to execution, rollout and delivery in line with briefs. A genuine passion for coordinating teams of designers, keeping up to date with the latest creative movements and exhibiting a strong skill set to bring brand personalities to life.

Ever growing client list in a diverse range of sectors

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